Amazon now said to be prepping 5-6 new tablets

If for some reason you thought that the previously rumored 4 new Kindle tablets coming in the future simply weren’t enough choice for your taste, here’s some good news. Today’s rumor regarding Amazon’s mobile device plans ups the ante all the way to 5-6 new SKUs.

Yes, six new tablets. This, after the retailer has only launched one of those – ever. So color us skeptical on the matter. Still, the news reportedly comes from Staples President of US Retail Demos Parneros. Staples sells the Kindle Fire, so it might have some inside knowledge about all this after all.

These half a dozen new tablets will span a wide range of sizes, and one of them will be a 10-inch model, which has been rumored for many months now.

According to some recent job postings from Amazon, the company is also working on at least one device that will work on mobile networks. So that’s either going to be a tablet with mobile data connectivity built-in, or the oft-rumored smartphone.

Those 6 SKUs could not actually mean six entirely new tablets, though. After all, the iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi is one SKU, the iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi+4G is another SKU, and so on. And Staples’ President only used that wording. So it’s pretty safe to assume that Amazon will have 1-3 new tablets out – a 7-inch successor to the Kindle Fire, and the 10-inch tablet for sure, and maybe another one in between. These could each come in one version with Wi-Fi-only, the other with mobile data. Perhaps even some different units with different built-in storage amounts. We’ll have to wait and see to be sure. And of course we’ll keep you posted.

Via Reuters

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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