iPhone 5 to have smaller dock connector. Production start rumored once more

Apple’s upcoming iPhone will have a smaller dock connector than the one found in virtually all of the company’s mobile devices over almost a decade. This has been apparently confirmed by ‘two sources familiar with the matter’ who spoke to Reuters.

The smaller connector will be a 19-pin unit, as opposed to the 30-pin port that Apple has been using so far. As a result, this port will be narrower, allowing the 3.5 mm headset jack to be moved from the top of the iPhone to the bottom in the iPhone 5.

Apple’s newest device is expected to launch in October, according to the same sources. It’s unclear right now whether Apple will take any measures to alleviate the problems that the redesigned port will cause with already bought iPhone accessories. On the other hand, accessory makers are thrilled at the prospect of everyone owning a new iPhone having to buy new accessories because of port incompatibility issues.

Another report, this time coming from ‘industry sources in Taiwan’ speaking to DigiTimes once again claims that the iPhone 5 has already entered production. This contradicts the latest news on the matter, which said the handset was not yet at that stage.

Yet apparently Pegatron is hard at work building new iPhones. This is Apple’s second biggest mobile device maker (Foxconn being the first), and it’s also expected to contribute to the making of the oft-rumored iPad Mini that may get announced this fall alongside the iPhone 5.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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