Xiaomi’s next MIUI smartphone could come with 720p screen, quad-core CPU, $313 price tag

Xiaomi’s next smartphone, the MI-2, may once again come with top of the line specs for a very reasonable price. That, in fact, is also the story of the Chinese company’s first handset, the MI-1. This device has been selling in batches online only ever since last August. All these sales have been extremely successful. At one point, Xiaomi sold 150,000 smartphones in 13 minutes.

But obviously there has to be a new Xiaomi handset on its way. The company aims to release one new product per year, keeping with its tradition of packing the latest hardware in an unbelievably cheap phone. The Mi-2 is apparently pictured below.

The MI-2 will come with a quad-core processor, a 720p HD touchscreen, a dual-LED camera flash, and a rather unique back cover which will allow for a two-tone colored back of the device. The MI-2 will obviously run the MIUI heavily customized flavor of Android. Its price should be 1,999 yuan, which amounts to just $313 or €259 at today’s exchange rates. It will be announced next month.

If the above specs pan out, this will be the cheapest quad-core smartphone in China, and probably the world too. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Via XiaomiFans Via M.I.C. Gadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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