Low-end Samsung T159 is a flip phone lost among smartphones, arrives at T-Mobile on August 1

T-Mobile seems intent on teleporting you back to 2004, when flip phones were all the rage and the word ‘smartphone’ was defined by glancing at a Nokia 7610 (the original, not the Supernova). How’s the magenta carrier planning on taking you there?

Well, with the help of the Samsung T159 – a phone so obviously important for TMo’s lineup that it doesn’t even have a proper name. It will arrive on August 1 to fulfill all your flip phone-related needs and desires. If you’ve been anxiously waiting for a new flip phone to be up for grabs, here’s your chance to get one.

The T159 is as low-end as they come, but you probably weren’t expecting much more from a flip phone. It will have a 1.3 MP camera, text and picture messaging support (!), and Bluetooth connectivity. What more could you possibly want?

No word on pricing yet, but it can’t be too high since we’re struggling to understand who’d buy one of these anyway.

Via Cell Phone Signal

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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