Nokia to announce two WP8 devices on September 5

Surprise, surprise… Nokia’s going to release some devices running Windows Phone 8. Given that the Finnish company’s basically betting its entire future on Microsoft’s new mobile platform, that would seem obvious, no?

Well, obvious as it is, it’s not all. According to WPDang, the grand unveiling of Nokia’s first two WP8 devices will happen on September 5. And that’s hardly unexpected either. Why? Because Nokia World starts on September 5.

And that’s Nokia’s annual event where it announces new stuff. So mark the date, ladies and gentlemen. September 5 it (obviously) is.

Furthermore, it looks like Microsoft itself will be on stage to finally unveil all of WP8’s consumer-facing features. Last month we got a preview of some of the things that were most interesting to developers, but next month we’ll know everything there is to know about the new mobile operating system. Excited yet?

Nokia’s first WP8 handsets may be the Lumia 910 and Lumia 920, though what specs they’ll come with is anyone’s guess at this point. Probably not anything PureView, though. You know, too soon and all that.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Herman Van Der Blom

    You will be surprised I think PureView is in it 🙂 You know why? They are already from the start of Working on it. The former Lumia series was just an casing around an Windows Phone from Microsoft (Kin2). The real deal is I think coming on 5 september. Not the 41Mp camera, that will come March 2013, thats the one I am waiting for. I have the Lumia 800 now, great phone 🙂