AT&T could cut HTC One X’s price all the way to $99.99 on July 29

Right now, AT&T is selling the HTC One X for $199.99 with a new two-year contract. If you buy the phone from Amazon, you can get it for $169.99. That’s on par with most high-end smartphones at the moment, but if you want to buy a One X for AT&T, perhaps you should wait until this Sunday.

See, it’s entirely possible that the carrier will drop the handset’s price all the way down to $99.99 – effectively halving it. At least that’s what the rumor du jour claims. A person identifying himself as an AT&T sales rep said this much on XDA Developers forum, and posted the image you can see below.

Apparently this isn’t going to be a special, limited-time offer either. It will just be the new price. If true, this of course will be great news for those of you who haven’t yet picked one of these up. But it might also be saying something about how well the One X is selling now that the Galaxy S III is out (hint: probably not that well).

There’s no way to tell how accurate this info is, so let’s just wait a couple of days and find out.

Via The Verge

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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