Samsung makes record profit, passes 50 million smartphones sold in Q2

After Nokia and Apple reported their results for the second quarter of this year a few days ago, it was Samsung’s turn today. And the Korean company did not disappoint.

As was widely expected, it sold over 50 million smartphones during this period. IDC has the number at 50.2 million, while Strategy Analytics says 50.5 million is it. Regardless, it’s clearly over the 50 million threshold. We’re relying on analyst houses for these numbers since Samsung hasn’t published actual sales figures for a few quarters now. We’re still hoping the company reconsiders at some point. But until then, we work with what we have.

Samsung did however enjoy publicly boasting a record-breaking $5.9 billion profit for Q2, while revenue was at more than $41 billion. The latter represents a 21% jump year-on-year, while the former is a more impressive 79% bigger than in Q2 2011.

$18 billion in revenue was made just by the mobile device business. That represents a 75% earnings jump from one year earlier. The very successful launch of the Galaxy S III contributed in great fashion to these results, of course. 10 million units sold in about two months really is something to brag about. The mobile business is now the “leading growth driver” for Samsung.

As for smartphone market share, according to IDC’s numbers Samsung obviously takes the top spot, followed by Apple with its 26 million iPhones, and Nokia with 10.2 million devices. Contrary to previous rumors, Huawei isn’t even in the top five. Following Nokia are HTC with 8.8 million sales (an incredible 24.1% less than it managed to sell in Q2 2011), and ZTE with 8 million smartphones (an amazing 300% increase YoY).

Speaking of amazing sales increases, Samsung’s number is over 170% bigger than last year’s. So, for now, out of this insane smartphone race, one company has clearly emerged as the winner. And despite what some may think, it’s not Apple (unless you only look at profits).

Speaking of Apple and Samsung – together these two companies have sold almost half of all smartphones in the second quarter of this year. Think about that long enough, and you’ll understand why it’s mostly Samsung that Apple’s going after for patent infringement in courts around the world. And here’s another cute statistic: Apple has sold about as many smartphones this quarter as Nokia, HTC, and ZTE combined.

In terms of overall mobile phone sales, the numbers are much closer, as seen above. Samsung’s still No.1 with 97.8 million units, followed by Nokia’s 83.7. Interestingly, Apple comes in at No.3 although it’s shipments have been only 26 million. It’s pretty clear that the battle in the feature phone space is now fought only by Samsung and Nokia. The next manufacturer is ZTE, with just 17.7 million units moved.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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