10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook gets pictured, will it ever launch?

This is strange. A 10-inch version of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has been spotted in the wild in Vietnam. Obviously, a photo shoot promptly ensued. That’s odd, because after having been rumored for the better part of last year, we thought the 10-inch PlayBook was discontinued thanks to its smaller sibling’s meager sales. And RIM’s general problems in the mobile space.

Then again, maybe a bigger PlayBook is still on the way, who knows? In case you’re interested in what something like this might look like, here’s a taste.

The 10-inch PlayBook pictured above comes with a 4:3 screen aspect ratio, just like Apple’s iPads (but unlike the 7-inch PlayBook and most Android tablets ever made). It has a SIM card slot for a possible 4G mobile data connection, and a 7,250 mAh battery.

This may just be a prototype of a tablet that will never see the light of day. Or it may be RIM’s second attempt at cracking the tablet market. At the moment, it’s unclear which. But stick around and we’ll let you know when we find out.

Via Tinh te

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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