iPhone 5 displays will be shipped by Sharp this month

September 12 is looking more and more likely to be the date on which Apple will announce the new iPhone. After the initial speculation on this matter, three different sources chimed in with the same date. So this might be it.

If Apple is to release the new smartphone soon after that, then obviously production has to start well before. And that’s exactly what will happen. Sharp’s President Takashi Okuda (pictured below) said that his company will start shipping displays for the new iPhone sometime this month. The words were spoken at a press briefing in Tokyo today, following the publication of Sharp’s latest earnings report.

Mr. Okuda didn’t go into detail, or provide a less vague time frame, but after many rumors claiming that iPhone 5 production has or hasn’t started, this is the first official stance we get from any of the companies involved in making Apple’s mobile devices.

As the day of the grand unveiling approaches, we fully expect iPhone-related rumors to be even more prevalent, so get ready for that.

Via Reuters

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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