Huawei Summit lands at T-Mobile in October

According to the leaked screengrab below, there’s a Huawei Summit headed to T-Mobile in October. What you see in that image is purported to be from an internal T-Mobile system, and was sent to TmoNews today.

The Huawei Summit, unfortunately, is a mystery at this point. Aside from its name. That said, it might not even be sold as the Huawei Summit, seeing as how TMo is eager to rebrand the Chinese company’s wares when they reach US shores.

The Summit will apparently debut on October 31. It could be yet another low-end or midrange offering made by Huawei and sold by T-Mobile under its own brand. Or who knows, it could be the first high-end Huawei smartphone to reach the magenta carrier. We can hope for that. And when we find out more, we’ll let you know.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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