Samsung Galaxy S III wireless charging kits make their way to Verizon stores, will be yours for $89

The official, sanctioned-by-Samsung wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S III may be delayed until September, but that apparently didn’t stop Verizon from making one of its own. One that it will start selling pretty soon.

These wireless charging kits commissioned by Big Red have started to make their way into its stores. Phone Arena got some pictures of them from one of its sources.

The charger itself is going to be priced at $70, but apparently will be sold for $20 less than that for a while. You’ll also need to purchase a special back cover for your phone too, which is made by Samsung and will set you back $39. So in order to have the full kit (because not having it all would be pretty useless), you’ll need to shell out $89. That’s not the cheapest of accessories, for sure.

The good news though is that the charger itself should work with all Verizon phones that support wireless charging.

Maybe Samsung’s official wireless charging dock will be even cheaper, but until that launches this will be your only option. Oh, and since Verizon’s doing its own thing with this, you may not see Samsung’s official accessory on Big Red anytime soon. Competition and all that. We’ll see. Anyway, if you’re interested in one of these make sure you phone your nearest Verizon store and ask about availability before running over there with the dough in your pocket. That might just save you an unnecessary trip.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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