QWERTY keyboards still preferred over touchscreens according to Nokia survey

Nokia has recently run a poll over at its official blog, asking fans around the world to reveal their favorite input method on a phone.

A bit surprisingly, 48.64% of the respondents said they prefer QWERTY keyboards. 34.69% voted for touchscreens, 8.91% for number keypads, and 7.75% for voice command. QWERTY input was chosen by Nokia fans in countries like the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and the Philippines. In the US (where Nokia isn’t doing great anyway), things are different, with 40% of the voters opting for a touchscreen, and only 30% for a QWERTY keyboard.

But these numbers are relevant only to Nokia users. I’m pretty sure most Samsung users, for example, prefer touchscreens. Of course, you can always choose both options, as manufactures continue to release handsets that have touchscreens and QWERTY keyboards.

Via Nokia Conversations

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Author: Florin

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