iPhone 5 will launch at AT&T in the second half of September, rumor has it

The unveiling of the next iPhone is getting closer and closer with every day that goes by. The latest rumors on the matter all peg the date as being September 12. Even if that is so, that’s when the announcement will happen. If what you’re dying to know is when exactly you’ll be able to buy a new iPhone, this is for you.

BGR spoke to a purportedly trusted source within AT&T, who said the carrier is getting ready to have the next iPhone in stores in the third or fourth week of September. So rest assured, for it seems that Apple’s traditionally tight release schedule (with only a few days between announcement and actual launch) isn’t going to change this year.

Exact dates aren’t available yet, but at one point we did hear that September 21 would be the day for you to get in line. That would fit with the above, so who knows – it may be it. Mark your calendars, then. At least mark off the second half of September if you’re really desperate.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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