Sony Xperia Tipo Dual won’t be sold in the UK

The Sony Xperia Tipo Dual will not be sold in the UK. At least not in an official, sanctioned-by-Sony way. Imported devices may come out at some point, but you probably won’t get UK warranty coverage.

The Tipo Dual is the dual-SIM version of the Sony Xperia Tipo that was announced a couple of months ago. Aside from the dual-SIM functionality, the Tipo Dual is, as you’d expect, identical to the ‘vanilla’ Tipo. And this, by the way, is on its way to the UK, with deliveries starting on August 20.

According to well known SIM-free phone retailer Clove, the reason for the Tipo Dual’s absence from the UK market has to do with a perceived lack of demand as well as operators fearing that people could more easily switch some of their communications needs to their competitors. The lack of demand part of this explanation kind of contradicts the operators’ fears on the matter, but regardless – no dual-SIM Sony for you!

Dual-SIM devices are popular in ’emerging markets’ because over there, calls to networks other than your own are often priced at extortionate rates. So people get one SIM per big operator and use them all in conjunction with each other. The big phone makers such as Samsung, Nokia, and now even Sony are catering to these markets’ needs for dual-SIM devices out of necessity. Over there, if you (Sony, Samsung, Nokia, and so on) don’t deliver dual-SIM, people won’t buy your single-SIM devices instead, rather they’ll go and buy some local brand (in India and China, for example) that does offer dual-SIM or even triple-SIM phones.

That’s clearly not the case in ‘developed’ markets such as the UK. Which is why the fact that the Xperia Tipo Dual won’t get launched over there will surely go unnoticed for the ‘mainstream’ consumers.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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