UK: HTC Mozart with 8 MP camera and Xenon flash can now be yours for just £79.99 on PAYG

A week ago, we let you know that the HTC Mozart was to be had in the UK at Phones 4U for just £99.95 on Pay as you go (with the complimentary £10 top-up, of course). That was a great price. Despite the fact that the Mozart was part of the first batch of Windows Phones, those that were released in 2010, it’s running WP 7.5 and sports a pretty unique feature (in Microsoft’s mobile world, at least): a Xenon flash.

Furthermore, the Mozart comes with an 8 MP camera, which is not something you usually see on a device priced at less than £100. But wait, there’s more.

Apparently, if you go into a Phones 4U store to buy a Mozart and you’re willing to retain your existing SIM card, you’ll only need to pay £79.99 for the phone. That’s right, even less than online.

If you’re at least marginally interested in Windows Phone, it’s impossible to stress how great a deal this is. Similarly, if you’re looking for a low-cost smartphone, why not consider the HTC Mozart?

Via WP Super Fanboy Via HTCPedia Via WMPoweruser

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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