Nokia Windows Phone 8 event officially scheduled for September 5

In case you had any doubts that Nokia was going to unveil its first Windows Phone 8 devices this September, the company has just made it official: together with Microsoft, it will host a Windows Phone 8 press event on September 5. Interestingly, the event won’t take place in Helsinki (where Nokia World 2012 is going to debut on the same day), but in New York City.

Unsurprisingly, Nokia doesn’t say what smartphones it’s going to announce. It could b the Lumia 1001, or the Lumia 910. Or both. Or neither of them. We’ll see.

Samsung, HTC and others will also introduce Windows Phone 8 devices before the end of the year. But Nokia will probably have the highest number of them, since it’s now Microsoft’s main partner when it comes to smartphones.

Via The Verge

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Author: Florin

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