Black Samsung Galaxy S III gets fondled out and about, T-Mobile says it won’t launch it

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. The elusive black version of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. After a few leaks here and there over the past few days, it was finally caught in the wild – and, naturally, photographed.

The person who has this phone on him says that the original back cover sports T-Mobile’s logo. That’s strange because T-Mobile got in touch with TechnoBuffalo and said that it doesn’t plan on releasing the black Galaxy S III. Despite the fact that we’ve seen a black GS III on TMo’s website just yesterday.

The source of this leak also said he at one point had a Sprint-branded black Galaxy S III as well, so maybe that’s the carrier you should be paying attention to in case black is your favorite color.

Anyway, a black Galaxy S III is definitely in the works, even if the magenta carrier won’t sell it after all. In the UK, it could arrive as early as next month. Maybe Samsung will announce it at the end of August together with its new Galaxy Note.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Hannah Martin

    The Samsung Galaxy S III has gotten mixed reviews since its launch but personally I am happy with mine, has everything I want in a new phone and more.