Google wants to crash Nokia’s party on September 5. Motorola schedules “the day’s main event”

Google’s well known in the tech world for its propensity to crash its competitors’ events. The usual MO is something like this: wait for competitor to schedule its event, then schedule a Google event right before it – therefore stealing some of the thunder, so to speak.

This time, though, it’s different. Google’s subsidiary Motorola went and scheduled an announcement for September 5. That is the exact date on which Nokia will unveil its Windows Phone 8 lineup (with Microsoft present at the event to supposedly show off all of WP8’s consumer-facing features).

To make sure we all understand this was done on purpose, the tagline for Moto’s unveiling is, as you can see from the invite above, “join us for the day’s main event”. Cheeky.

The fact that this will be a joint Moto-Verizon affair indicates that we might finally see the (in)famous Droid RAZR HD step into the (official) spotlight, after literally months of leakage.

Since Apple is widely rumored to be holding its own big reveal event just one week later, on September 12, if this really does follow Google’s scripts from other times, expect the Droid RAZR HD in stores before the next iPhone. Again, stealing thunder and all that stuff. It remains to be seen whether Motorola could be able to bring the device into stores even before Apple’s announcement – that would be an interesting feat.

With about two weeks to go, the beginning of September is shaping up to be very important for the mobile world.

Via SlashGear

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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