Xiaomi phones could arrive in Europe next year

Let’s be honest. We all drooled over the MI-2‘s specs when it was announced a few days ago. And all that quad-core goodness for just $310-ish? Sounds too good to be true. And if you’re outside China, it actually is. That’s because Xiaomi, the company which is now at its second Android-powered superphone launch, has so far sold these puppies only on its home turf.

But apparently that’s set to change. First of all, Xiaomi is looking into an expansion into Taiwan later this year. Again, that’s not helpful if you’re, say, in Europe. However, a “reliable source” told Engadget that Xiaomi phones are coming to Europe, with the company targeting next year for its entry into another continent.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you anything less vague than that. Though we are, of course, hoping that this means ‘early 2013’ and not something else. Even considering the almost Europe-wide VAT as well as shipping costs from China, the MI-2 could still be the cheapest quad-core smartphone – even in Europe. That would be an amazing feat for the only smartphone running the MIUI ROM, which takes Android skinning to a whole new level.

Speaking of MIUI, the latest version which is on board the MI-2 is detailed in the promo video you can see below.

That’s certainly a departure from Android’s ‘vanilla’ look and feel, but in between versions MIUI has been consistent, and it does have a lot of fans. So there might be something there.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • bibleverse1

    Xiaomi are drool worthy but why arent they released in the US?