60% of South Koreans own a smartphone

The smartphone offensive shows no signs of ramping down. Worldwide, smartphone sales are increasing continuously, and smartphones are making up more and more of the total number of phones sold everywhere.

However, some countries are clearly leading the way when it comes to smartphone penetration. Take South Korea, for example. More than 30 million people in that country are now smartphone owners. As South Korea has about 50 million inhabitants, that means that around 60% of those now have a smartphone. This is hardly surprising, as South Korea is known for its wiredness, so to speak, as well as Internet speeds.

The 10 million mark was reached in March 2011, and that figure then doubled in just seven months. Of the 30 million smartphone users in the country, 9.21 million have LTE-capable devices. In fact, the recent proliferation of LTE networks and LTE-enabled handsets has helped smartphone sales numbers attain continuous growth over the past few months. LTE services were launched in South Korea in July 2011.

Smartphone use by more than half of a country’s population is clearly something that we’ll be seeing a lot more of over the next few years, so brace yourselves: the smartphone domination is inevitable.

Via Yonhap News

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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