Samsung Galaxy Note discontinued by T-Mobile?

T-Mobile may have canceled the Samsung Galaxy Note that it just launched a couple of weeks ago. And without an official word on the matter. Apparently, remaining stock will be sold by TMo and its partners, but no new units are being ordered. The End-Of-Life (EOL) date is November 1. That though remains subject to change, since the magenta carrier could deplete its inventory sooner.

The Galaxy Note has disappeared from T-Mobile’s website, and it appears as backordered at third-party retailers. The information about T-Mobile deciding to suddenly discontinue the phablet comes from a supposedly trusted source via Android Police.

The motives behind TMo’s move are unknown, but it’s kind of obvious that the carrier shouldn’t have launched this device almost one year after its international debut. Especially since Samsung is set to unveil the Note’s successor on August 29. That makes the original Galaxy Note on T-Mobile much less appealing.

Perhaps T-Mobile will start selling the Galaxy Note 2 at some point in the future, so phablet fans will be happy. Let’s hope it won’t take the carrier another year, though.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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