HTC Proto to be called Desire X?

The HTC Proto leaked a few days ago, and it’s basically a tweaked Desire V. The Proto is rumored to sport a dual-core CPU, and may come with a single SIM slot. Those seem to be the only differences between it and the previously announced Desire V, which has dual-SIM support and a single-core processor.

Proto is obviously just a codename (and a funny one, at that), but what about the final name of this device? Well, according to a number of Swedish and Norwegian retailers, the Proto will end up being sold as the Desire X. Different enough from the Desire V so no one confuses one for the other, but still part of the Desire line so its similarities can be explained.

That’s all the new info we have for now. All the listings at the aforementioned retailers specify just the name and a price, without any other details (or pictures). The prices can’t be relied on, because they vary widely. Stay tuned, though, for we’re bound to find out more about the Desire X pretty soon. And who knows, maybe HTC will show it during IFA later this week.

Via Technytt Via SlashGear

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Hannah Martin

    I just recieved my HTC One X and this review helped me make up my mind, so glad I got it, best phone ive had so far: