LG talks-up its new Optimus G smartphone. Says “G” is for “great”, will “eat up market share” with it

LG started talking up its upcoming Galaxy S3 challenger – Optimus G.

According to LG’s spokeswoman Jinny Lee – “the G in the name stands for “great,’’ and such confidence isn’t irrational… So far, LG has been underdog in smartphones. But we are sure to eat up more market share with the Optimus G”.

To back their claims up, LG is touting 4.7” True HD IPS+ 320 ppi (128x768px) display made by its LG Display subsidiary, which should be thinner, brighter, less power hungry and more durable than Samsung’s AMOLEDs.

Another key part LG brags about – is the Optimus G battery developed by LG Chem subsidiary, which “… provides more power than other similarly-sized batteries by running 60 percent more efficiently” and can go through 800 charging cycles before going bonkers, compared 500 charges on other smartphones. Unfortunately, LG didn’t say anything about the most important battery metric of them all – how long your typical smartphone will last on a typical charge doing your typical chores. So we’ll have wait until Optimus G ships, to see if all the claims above are just an empty marketing fluff, or if LG is finally onto something.

I know I sound pretty skeptical about LG Optimus G. But that’s because I’ve been here before.

With LG issuing a lot of PR fluff about its upcoming flagship, weeks before official announcement, touting it as the next best thing since sliced bread which will change the smartphone industry forever. Only to released underdeveloped product with a lot of bugs, months too late, and have it fizzle out in the market. This happened to LG Optimus 2X – “the world’s first dual core smartphone”, then to Optimus 4X , Optimus 3D – their 3D flagship. And those are examples only from the last 20 months.

So excuse me, if I stopped taking all these LG’s pre-launch PR tricks seriously a while ago.

A bit of advice to LG:

Please stop talking about what great things you are gonna do, and just do them. Design and then make a good, quality product with top of the line specs. Test it, test it, test it.  Then launch it, and back it up with a huge marketing budget. You may get something on the level of Samsung’s Galaxy S line this way. You most certainly will not get one just by hinting that “G” in the name stands for “great”.

Via: Korea Times, LG

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • Derail Doax

    They better watch out, that phone looks an awful lot like an iPhone. If you close one eye and squint you might buy the wrong phone and have to return it…oooh who am I kidding? Apple only sues once you’re making good sales numbers.

  • dkk dll