Nokia Lumia 920 PureView and Lumia 820 press shots leaked. Here’s what Nokia will announce next week

On September 5, Nokia will announce the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 devices. The Lumia 920 (codenamed Phi) will be the higher-end offering, and will come with some sort of PureView technology (with caveats, though – more below). The Nokia Lumia 820 (codenamed Arrow) will be the more affordable of the duo, although it will probably have rather similar specs to its bigger brother (save for a few key ones).

The Nokia Lumia 920 (pictured below) will have a 4.5-inch curved touchscreen, looking pretty similar to the 910 and 800 in terms of design. We can safely assume that the screen’s resolution will be 720p HD, since WP8 finally supports it, and a flagship device can’t not have that. As mentioned before, apparently the PureView brand will be used by Nokia for this device, although it’s unclear at the moment how many megapixels its sensor will have.

But what you see on this phone is clearly no 41 MP sensor like in the Symiban-powered 808 PureView. Oh, and there’s no Xenon flash in sight either (unless Nokia managed to shrink the size of such a unit to that of a LED flash). This means that, although PureView branded, the 920 won’t be in the same league as the 808.

The device does seem to be rather thick itself (for this day and age, at least), so despite the lack of a camera bulge, a 12-16 MP sensor could probably fit in there without issues. What that will do to picture quality remains to be seen. So, take note: the PureView brand refers to Nokia’s algorithm of using more than one pixel to create a ‘superpixel’ (7 to 1 maximum ratio in the 808 PureView’s case, probably less in the 920), and not to the crazy amount of megapixels the 808 has.

The Nokia Lumia 820 (seen below) will come with a 4.3-inch touchscreen. No other specs have been leaked this time around, though we have to wonder whether the 820 will keep the 910’s resolution of 480×800 or go with 720p HD too, like the 920. The Lumia 820 will be very colorful, as you can see – even more so than the Finnish company’s previous offerings.

The images come from the @evleaks Twitter account (here and here), that has been reliable in the past. That said, there’s still a (slim?) chance that these aren’t real, so do keep a grain of salt nearby. Just in case. Five days to go until the official announcement. Are you excited?

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • jackonemillion

    Gray, black and white are looking good. Rest of the offerings (espacially yellow) No.

  • Herman Van Der Blom

    I think the 920 is not the PureView Phone but the 820 is. May be the numbers are not correct either. If you look at the time on the Phone the 09:20 is the 920 but on the other Phone the time is 09:29 so should that be the 929. Another strange thing is the camera on the 920, that looks the same as the Lumia 800/900 only the flash has a different position. Ah well lets wait until wednesday. My guess is there will be 2 high-end phones, You know why? I dont think T-Mobo and Verizon will do with a 710 or something like that. Nokia will differentiate on Size of Screen and Camera.