Windows Phone 8 will get companion PC sync app and “Rooms” secure group communication feature

Microsoft might be a bit paranoid about keeping the new unannounced Windows Phone 8 features secret. But with only a few days to go until official announcement, someone close to the company has been talking to TheVerge, spilling its secrets.

We already heard about the specs of upcoming Nokia Lumia phones. And now we have info about a few new software features to be announced tomorrow.

The first of them is companion PC sync app for Windows Phone 8 devices, that should replace the clunky Zune Suite we used for WP7.

The new app will have a Metro UI and will automatically install when you connect your WP8 smartphone to your Windows 8 PC. It will provide quick access and sync for pics, docs, music and videos on your phone. Similar app will also be available for current WP7 owners through Windows Store.

Another interesting WP8 feature is Rooms.

It is somewhat similar to Groups app that Microsoft detailed in June. But instead of only simplifying your communications with groups of people, Rooms will create an interactive secure communication space for your family and friends. To set up a Room – you’ll add your close friends and family to it, and they’ll get an SMS invite. After joining the Room, the members will be able to securely chat, share pics, calendar items, notes and other stuff. Microsoft will include default “Best Friends” and ‘Family” Rooms into the People Hub.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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