HTC announces an event for September 19, may unveil new Androids as well as Windows Phones

OK, now this month is seriously getting out of control. It seems that every phone maker has some sort of event planned for September. Notably missing until now? HTC.

Well, worry no more, for the Taiwanese company has started sending out invites for an event on September 19. That, for reference, is exactly one day after Motorola will unveil its first Intel-powered smartphone in London. Also, one week after Apple will have showed us the new iPhone.

It looks like HTC may be announcing both some new Androids as well as Windows Phones on September 19, since it’s been sending invites to Android-focused blogs as well as websites covering Windows Phone exclusively.

So we may see the HTC 8X, and / or that famed Android device with a 5″ touchscreen. Stay tuned, and mark your calendar yet again – September is going to be one busy month.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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