Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 now official. PureView, PureMotion HD+, Windows Phone 8, many colors

Just as expected, today Nokia has unveiled the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 – its first devices running Windows Phone 8. The latest leaks talking about them have been very accurate, as we anticipated at the time.

The Lumia 920 is, understandably, Nokia’s new flagship smartphone. It comes with a PureView-branded camera, and a PureMotion HD+ touchscreen. The camera is an 8.7 MP unit, so no 41 MP madness here. This effectively marks the day when the PureView brand went from standing for insane pixel binning to… well, just a high-end Nokia camera.

The Lumia 920’s camera comes with optical image stabilization via ‘floating lens technology’, a first for a smartphone. Although there’s no clever oversampling here like in the 808 PureView, Nokia has focused on making low-light shots excellent, even without flash. The company claims that the 920’s sensor can take in up to five times more light than its competitors. Aside from that, there’s an obvious focus on stable videos – and now that teaser video finally makes sense.

The Nokia Lumia 920 will undoubtedly have one of the best cameras of any smartphone, but for photo enthusiasts, the 808 PureView will still be a better bet. It will be interesting to see how the 920’s camera compares to the N8, Nokia’s imaging flagship from a couple of years ago.

The Nokia Lumia 920 comes with a 4.5-inch WXGA IPS touchscreen. The exact resolution isn’t available, as ‘WXGA’ can mean a lot of different things. Anyway, it’s ‘better than HD’, as Nokia likes to say – in that it’s a bit higher resolution than your run of the mill 720p panel. Also, Nokia’s touting that this display is at least 25% brighter than any other smartphone HD screen.

With the PureMotion HD+ brand for the 920’s touchscreen, Nokia has become a useless brand lover, just like Sony used to be (remember the Sony Ericsson Walkman phones? or the CyberShot phones?). One has to wonder whether next year’s screen will be branded PureMotion HD++.

The rest of the specs are nothing surprising. The Nokia Lumia 920 has a dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage space, 7 GB of free cloud storage on SkyDrive, a 1.2 MP front-facing camera, NFC, wireless charging, and a 2,000 mAh battery. The rear camera can shoot 1080p Full HD video at 30 fps.

The Lumia 920 comes in yellow, red, grey, black, and white. It will be out ‘later this year’, and pricing hasn’t been announced yet (it will apparently surface ‘when sales are due to begin’, on a country-by-country basis).

If you’d like something more midrange, the newly unveiled Nokia Lumia 820 might come to your rescue. This device has a 4.3-inch 480×800 ClearBlack OLED touchscreen, the same 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as its bigger sibling, an 8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics (but no PureView branding), dual-LED flash, and 1080p Full HD video recording, a VGA front-facing camera, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of built-in storage, microSD card slot, 7 GB free cloud storage via SkyDrive, wireless charging, and a 1,650 mAh battery.

The Nokia Lumia 820 comes with ‘exchangeable shells’ (a.k.a. back covers), which let you choose from a wide range of colors.

The Lumia 820 will come in red, yellow, grey, purple, cyan, white, and black. Like the 920, expect it to ship ‘later this year’ for a yet-unannounced price.

Finally, both smartphones will come with pentaband LTE or HSPA+ support.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • David Gonzales

    Vlad, WXGA only means one thing, and it’s 1280×768 pixels.