MediaTek: our latest MT6577 chip is on par with iPhone 4S’ A5 CPU

Taiwan’s MediaTek has recently introduced a new dual-core chip, namely the MT6577. While this was announced at the end of June, it’s only now that the company compared it to other chipsets.

According to China Times, MediaTek’s vice president said that the ARM-based MT6577 is comparable, performance-wise, with Apple’s dual-core A5 that’s found inside the iPhone 4S.

Of course, the iPhone 4S is one year old, and the chip inside the new iPhone 5 (expected to be released next week) will smoke anything MediaTek has ever manufactured. Still, we should keep in mind that the MT6577 is a very affordable solution “developed specifically for sub-$200 smartphones.” So it being on par with the A5 is something to brag about.

Acer recently said mentioned it would use MediaTek chips for its future Android smartphones. Other companies that are targeting the entry-level market, including Huawei and ZTE, are probably going to have MediaTek-based handsets, too.

Author: Florin

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