Apple’s new iPhone 5 won’t rely on Samsung components as much as older models

Samsung has been a key component supplier to Apple throughout the years, manufacturing parts for basically all iPhone models until now (although the latest iPhone 4S doesn’t use Samsung-made NAND flash, like the previous models do).

But Apple’s new iPhone, expected to be unveiled on September 12 in San Francisco, might not rely that much on Samsung components.

According to Reuters and The Korea Economic Daily, Samsung will not supply DRAM and NAND chips for the first batch of new iPhone 5s. Instead, Apple will use chips manufactured by Toshiba, Hynix, and Elpida.

Even so, Reuters reports that “Samsung is still in the list of initial memory chip suppliers (for new iPhones). But Apple orders have been trending down and Samsung is making up for the reduced order from others, notably Samsung’s handset business.” The publication further notes that Apple didn’t reduce Samsung orders because of the two companies’ ongoing patent disputes, but because it wants to widen its supply chain in order to avoid shortages.

Certainly, having components from more than just one supplier is not a bad idea for Apple. And Samsung will likely not be affected too much by Apple’s reduced orders – not when its own smartphones are selling this well.

Author: Florin

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  • jinn

    It’s not Apple taking it’s business away from Samsung.

    It’s Samsung refusing to supply Apple RAM chips and display panels for the first batch of the iPhone 5!

    Big difference and this is going to hurt…coming just 3 days before the big launch.

    This is why Apple is trying to put a spin on this and try to turn it the other way round to reduce the damage to its stock value when the markets reopen Monday.

    Check with Bloomberg before you make more mistakes with this story!!!