Samsung Galaxy Note II doesn’t have a 13MP camera because Samsung couldn’t get enough CMOS sensors from Sony

Way before the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 got official, there have been rumors which suggested that the handset would feature a 13MP rear camera. In the end, Samsung opted for the same 8MP unit that can be found on the Galaxy S III. Why is that? Well, it looks like it’s simply because the company couldn’t secure enough 13MP cameras for the high number of Note II units it intends to sell.

Korea website Ddaily is reporting that Samsung was seriously planning to put a 13MP rear camera on the Note II. But it just couldn’t get enough CMOS sensors from Sony for that. Interestingly, Sony is supplying 13MP CMOS sensors for LG’s new Optimus G, and it looks like there won’t be any shortages here. Apparently, LG (through its subsidiary LG Innotek) has secured enough sensors from Sony since early 2012.

The LG Optimus G will be available starting later this month, while the Samsung Galaxy Note II (pictured above) should arrive a bit later, starting October.

Author: Florin

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  • GelogenicNoodle47
  • Abdullah Naji

    But the Note 2 is still awesome. =P

  • jinn

    That’s right. Pure Awesomeness!!! It’s the beauty of the whole package that made the difference. No vain attempt at Mega Pixel boasting, “Retina” like dispaly etc. Infact, the Display nis RGB in the Note 2 and Samsung have not even begun to promote this fact yet!!!.