Apple’s new iPhone 5 officially announced: LTE, 4 inch display, 7.6mm body, A6 chip

As everyone had expected, today Apple has finally unveiled its sixth generation smartphone, officially called iPhone 5.

The new iPhone (which runs iOS 6) is pretty much the handset we’ve already imagined based on all the previously leaked details. It is the first Apple smartphone to come with a display larger than 3.5 inches. Yes, as anticipated, the iPhone 5 sports a 4 inch screen with 1136 x 640 pixels – this allowing it to display a fifth row of icons. Apple says the new display is “the most accurate in the industry”, but I doubt a regular user can feel any difference in accuracy when comparing it to the displays of high-end Android smartphones.

Larger screen aside, another major new feature that the iPhone 5 comes with is LTE connectivity (of course, this isn’t a surprise at all). Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are all going to offer LTE plans for the new handset, while EE will do it in the UK.

At only 7.6mm, the iPhone 5 is obviously the thinnest iPhone ever. Its body is made out of aluminum and glass. The processor inside the iPhone 5 is an Apple A6 one, with twice the power of the A5 (it’s not clear if this means it’s quad-core). HD voice, and a smaller, 8-pin connector (called Lightning connector) are also among the handset’s features.

The new Apple smartphone has an 8MP rear camera – like the iPhone 4S. There are a few new capabilities, though, including faster photo capture, better low-light performance, panorama mode, and the ability to snap photos while recording video (1080p at 30 fps).

There are no surprises when it comes to the prices (on contract) of the new iPhone:

  • $199 – 16GB
  • $299 – 32GB
  • $399 – 64GB

(iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S)

Both black, and white color versions will be available from day one. Pre-orders will start on September 14 (this Friday), and shipping should start on September 21. Only the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia will get the iPhone 5 for the beginning. Other markets will receive it a bit later (apparently starting September 28).

With the introduction of iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S 16GB is now cheaper: $99 on contract. The iPhone 4 8GB will be free (also on contract), while the iPhone 3GS is no longer in production, at all.

More on Apple’s new iPhone can be found at its official website.

Author: Florin

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