Hugo Barra: the 500 millionth Android device has been activated. 1.3 million daily activations

While this may be a big day for Apple (the Cupertino giant readying the launch of its new iPhone 5), it’s also a big day for Google. Hugo Barra, the company’s Product Management Director for Android, announced that there are now more than 500 million Android devices activated globally. This means that 250 million new Androids have reached customers since January this year, when the total number of activated devices was 250 million. So, in less than 9 months, Google managed to double the number of activations.

Hugo Barra also said that more than 1.3 million new Android devices are added every day. At this pace, at least other 141 million devices should be further activated until the end of the year.

The success of Android is due not only to companies like Samsung (which, for example, sold more than 20 million Galaxy S III smartphones since May), but also to Chinese manufacturers liken Huawei, ZTE, and even Oppo, which have been selling millions of Androids lately, too.

Author: Florin

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