Apple expected to sell 10 million new iPhone 5s by the end of the month

Officially introduced by Apple yesterday, the iPhone 5 doesn’t bring any surprising features, and that’s because most of he previously leaked details have turned out to be accurate. Even so, the new iPhone (with its 4 inch display, iOS 6, and LTE connectivity) will almost surely be more successful than the iPhone 4S – which, by the way, now costs $99 on contract.

According to Reuters, RBC Capital Markets expects Apple to sell 8 to 10 million new iPhone 5s before the end of September. Since the new handset will be available starting September 21, it means Apple has 10 days (including the first week-end of availability) to sell 10 million new iPhones. But it could even sell more – if you remember, the iPhone 4S was sold in 4 million units in its first week-end.

The total number of iPhones (including older models) sold this quarter – hence between July and September – could exceed 33 million units.

For the beginning (meaning on September 21), the iPhone 5 will go on sale only in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Other markets will get it starting September 28.

Author: Florin

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