Qualcomm: 90% of all smartphones could be connected to a cloud service next year. Mobile data to increase 10x by 2015 in Europe

As you’ve probably already noticed, most major handset makers (including Nokia) started to offer various cloud storage options with their latest high-end or mid-end smartphones.

So by the end of next year (2013), we should see many more smartphones connected to the cloud.

In fact, according to Pocket-lint, Qualcomm expects 9 out of 10 smartphones users to benefit from “some form of personal cloud” next year. Moreover, Qualcomm thinks that mobile traffic might increase 10 times in Europe by 2015. Of course, with the spread of high-speed mobile networks – including the newest 4G LTE ones – this is possible.

Since Qualcomm is currently the most important LTE chip maker, it will certainly benefit from what the future has to bring in terms of mobile data consumption.

Author: Florin

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