Verizon’s Motorola Droid Bionic and Xyboard 8.2 will be updated to Android ICS in Q4

While Verizon has already updated lots of its Android devices to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, there are still users who are waiting for their official update. For example, Motorola Droid Bionic and Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 users.

Although ICS for both devices was supposed to arrive this quarter, Motorola now says they’re going to get the new version of Android in the fourth quarter of the year – hence in October the earliest.

What curious is that the Droid Xyboard 10.1 (which, except for the bigger display, is similar to the Xyboard 8.2) has already received its Ice Cream Sandwich fix.

Anyway, let’s hope that both the Droid Bionic and the Xyboard 8.2 will be updated in the first half of the fourth quartet. We’ll let you know when it happens anyway.

Via Droid-life

Author: Florin

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  • CO2 Insanity

    I am sick of Motorola and their delays. iPhone 5 here I come.

  • Bill

    You’re a little late to the headline with this one. And since Motorloa/Verizon failed to keep their word to the “first quarter of Q3”, this is hardly something newsworthy. My trip to Verizon Wireless yesterday (not one of those authorized retailers) greated me with contrary news as the technician behind the counter told me there was a slim chance the Bioinc would get the update. He even showed me their 4th Qtr projection screen and the Droid Bionic was not listed. But…He also offered me a $100 trade-in of my current bionic to any Motorola phone already on ICS. The catch, I’d have to give up my unlimited data plan.

  • Loyal androidian

    that is a poor choice to make. Motorola may have lost its credibility in this but don’t punish yourself by switching to “iOS6pocalypse”

  • Christopher Bertsch

    Verizon has offered a droid razr to replace the bionic. I called and complained a week ago and they offered to ship it out USPS for free.

  • MrCjMack

    Well at this point i have no more room for broken promises, it’s time for some action!!! I Want to see Punit Soni (Oscar Goldman) Put the Droid Bionic (Steve Austin) shattered pieces back together again!

  • No-to-Moto

    Doubt it. Just use a rom & get on with life rather than wait…

  • sarah

    What did u say to get them to give you the razr?

  • cw59

    …or they could skip ics altogether and “reward” us with a double upgrade…to jb???

  • Charles Marine

    This is getting so annoying sooooooo many false promises

  • Bob

    At this point the only thing to make it right would be to skip ics and go straight to jelly bean

  • Christopher Bertsch

    I just asked them if there was anything that can be done to fix the issues that are currently going on with the bionic i.e. the dropping of 4G signal out of nowhere. I know mine was still under warranty so that may have had something to do with it. I asked if there was any fix for all the problems I was having with my bionic and they asked if I would like a razr to compensate.

  • henrywm

    I called today. They only offered to replace it with a Charge or Rezound, and I would still need to pay for a battery and battery cover.

  • henrywm

    And $100 would be nowhere close to enough to buy another phone.