Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5 drop test. Apple wins

Since Apple’s new iPhone 5 (launched in 9 markets on September 21) and Samsung’s Galaxy S III are direct competitors, we’ll see a lot of videos comparing the two. A really interesting comparison video is the one done by Android Authority, which decided to see how the two smartphones fair when dropped from distances a normal user is likely to drop them.

It looks like Apple has done a great job with the aluminum and glass body of the iPhone 5. The new Apple handset suffered relatively minimal damage after all drops, and its display didn’t crack at all. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S III’s screen started to crack at the second drop. Check out the drops in the video below:

All in all, the iPhone 5 certainly seems more durable than the Galaxy S III. But that won’t stop Samsung from further selling millions of S III units, will it?

Author: Florin

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