Unlocked Sony Xperia Acro S now available in the US for $599.99

The Sony Xperia Acro S is now available in the US of A. It can be yours, in unlocked form, for $599.99.

Sony’s continuing to make its Android devices purchasable in the USA sans contract, and in a way that’s great. At least for the hardcore Sony fan who doesn’t want to sign long-term commitments with carriers.

For everyone else, $600 upfront for a smartphone probably seems excessive. Yes, in the long run you may save some money, but still – that sum you need to pony up is a shocker for many.

For others, let’s call them ‘Android enthusiasts’, even more so when you consider that Google’s sold the Galaxy Nexus for $349.99 most recently. And that’s unlocked too.

So it remains a mystery who Sony wants to sell the Acro S to via its US-based online store. But, if that’s you, then by all means head over there and go shopping.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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