Windows Phone 8X by HTC lands at AT&T in November

Today has been a busy day for both HTC and AT&T. The phone maker announced the One X+ and the One VX, and the carrier took pride in the fact that it would carry them exclusively.

On the Windows Phone side of things, AT&T has reminded us that it’s going to sell the wonderfully named Windows Phone 8X by HTC (which we’ll call HTC 8X for the sake of our sanity). Of course, we’ve already known that since last month, but the carrier seems pretty excited about this ‘signature’ Windows Phone 8 device.

If you are too, you’ll be happy to find out that you’ll be able to purchase an 8X from AT&T starting in November. That means that this handset’s launch will be happening on a global scale, almost at once – something that hasn’t necessarily been a tradition in the Windows Phone world.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping for an actual release date along with some pricing info, you’ll be disappointed. AT&T has saved all that for another day (and another announcement). Still, at least you can now calculate the worst case scenario – having to wait 59 more days for HTC’s Nokia-inspired WP8 device.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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