iPad Mini mass production has started

After the incredibly often leaked iPad Mini didn’t get announced alongside the iPhone 5 last month, the consensus in the blogosphere and the analysts’ world was that it would get its very own unveiling event sometime this month.

Coming to further imply that the above may be imminent, today’s rumor about the iPad Mini has the mass production of the tablet already started. And this doesn’t come from some shady Chinese website, either. It’s from the Wall Street Journal, and those guys usually get rumors pretty much right.

Previously, we were led to believe that mass production for the iPad Mini would commence in September. That hasn’t happened, but the beginning of October is close enough.

LG and AU Optronics started mass producing the displays for the iPad Mini last month though. Once again, it’s said to be a 7.85-inch affair, with a resolution ‘lower than that of the new iPad’. So once again, we’re going to assume it’s going to be 1024×768, for that makes the most sense.

The iPad Mini should help Apple deal with the increasing number of cheap small Android-based tablets that are slowly starting to eat the bigger iPads’ lunch.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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