Windows Phone 8 will be officially launched on October 29

Microsoft will finally hold an official, consumer-focused launch event for Windows Phone 8 at the end of this month. October 29 is the date you should save, San Francisco is the location, and 10 AM local time is when it will all go down.

Back in June at a developer-focused event, Microsoft unveiled some of the new features in WP8, but apparently not all. Understandably, the company had to talk about those things well in advance of the first WP8 devices shipping, in order to give developers time to react.

However, time and time again Microsoft people have said that there still are some surprises left in WP8’s feature list. And those will be made public on October 29. The first Windows Phone 8 devices should start shipping in early November.

What do you think Microsoft has kept secret all this time? Anything big?

Via The Verge

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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