LG Nexus 4 emerges in the UK in retailer’s inventory

LG’s upcoming Nexus smartphone has been rumored to exist for a while now, but over the past few days it’s become increasingly clear that it will hit the streets pretty soon.

The latest confirmation of an LG-made Nexus device comes today from no other than Carphone Warehouse, the UK’s most well known third party phone retailer. Someone sent The Verge what is claimed to be an image showing a Carphone Warehouse inventory listing. In it, you can clearly see an LG Nexus 4 being present in both white and black.

So could Nexus 4 be the name of this LG device? Or is Carphone Warehouse simply using the fact that it is the fourth Nexus smartphone ever in order to differentiate it from other products?

It’s impossible to tell right now. Nexus 4 could be a great fit as a name, both because it actually is the fourth Nexus phone, but also because it’s rumored to have a four-point-something inch screen – and the Nexus 7 is, after all, named for its screen’s size.

On the other hand, Google and LG may just predictably call this the Optimus Nexus. Let’s wait and see.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Yuri

    It is in black and white 🙂