Windows Phone 8X by HTC and LG Optimus L9 release dates leaked by T-Mobile roadmap

What is supposedly a T-Mobile roadmap has been leaked and is giving us details about the release dates of several devices that the magenta carrier will launch soon.

The Windows Phone 8X by HTC will apparently arrive in stores on November 14. The LG Optimus L9, on the other hand, will be out on the last day of this month – October 31, therefore.

A titanium colored version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will arrive on October 29, and the BlackBerry Armstrong (that’s a codename, by the way) will land on October 24.

The mysterious Huawei Summit is due out on October 31, as previously rumored. That’s probably also going to be when we’ll find out what the Huawei Summit actually is – since until now absolutely no details about it have been leaked.

The Samsung Toba will debut on November 7, and it is a mystery too. It might be the Galaxy Note II, or it may not. We’ll have to wait and see (in case it wasn’t obvious, Toba is just a codename too).

Finally, the Dell BMW launches on November 14, but that’s almost certainly a Windows 8 laptop or laptop/convertible tablet sort of thing, since Dell really isn’t into mobile stuff anymore.

Via TmoNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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