Nokia’s Q3 results: 2.9 million Windows Phones sold, 3.4 million Symbian devices, still losing money

Nokia has announced its results for the third quarter of 2012 today, and things aren’t good. Contrary to what we had assumed, the Finnish company did not manage to sell as many Windows Phones as it did in Q2.

From July to September, Nokia sold just 2.9 million Lumias worldwide. Contrast that to 4 million in the previous quarter. So, while the smartphone market keeps growing, Nokia’s WP sales are falling.

Undoubtedly, that will change in Q4 because of the release of the WP8-based devices such as the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. So we expect Nokia’s WP sales to grow in the last quarter compared to Q3. Whether or not it will reach 4 million Lumias sold again remains to be seen though.

Perhaps intriguingly to some, Nokia sold 3.4 million Symbian smartphones in Q3 2012. The number is a lot lower than the one in the previous quarter (6.2 million), so yes, Symbian sales are taking a nosedive. But consider that this quarter occurred more than a year after the famous February 11, 2011 announcement in which Nokia’s Stephen Elop basically told the world that Symbian was dead.

The fact that, even after all this time, Symbian is still ahead in Nokia’s portfolio may say a little something about how well Windows Phone is being received across the world.

Nokia has posted another loss for the third quarter, this time it’s €576 million. More importantly (and worryingly) though, Nokia’s overall smartphone sales are down 63% year-on-year, and 38% quarter-on-quarter.

That’s bad, no matter how you look at it. So Nokia’s hoping it can save itself with Windows Phone 8. That very well may happen, although it’s less likely by the day. But if its WP8 devices won’t be successful, expect things to turn from bad into horrific pretty fast. By this time next year, Nokia as we know it may not exist anymore. This really is the company’s last chance. Let’s hope everyone over there got the memo.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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