Google’s LG Nexus 4 appears again – press images this time

Expected to be announced by Google next week, on October 29, the LG Nexus 4 has appeared in leaked images once more. This time, officially-looking press photos have been revealed, showing the Nexus 4 from the front, back, and sides.

We already know that the new LG-made Nexus smartphone is based on the LG Optimus G, and features a 4.7 inch HD display, quad-core processor, and Android 4.2 (which is still called Jelly Bean).

For now, there are no details on how Google is planning to sell the LG Nexus 4. But it will probably do it both unlocked, and on contract. We’ll bring more details as soon as we have them.

Via EVleaks

Author: Florin

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    it looks a lot like Samsung mobile soon Samsung is going to file a case against them