Windows Phone 8 debuts in Europe this week with Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and HTC 8X

Windows Phone 8 handsets are finally ready to hit shelves in Europe. Nokia has announced that the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 are shipping now, and should be available this week in stores across the UK and France. Shortly after, both smartphones will be released in Germany, Russia, and other European markets.

Notably, the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 will be among the first LTE handsets in the UK, being offered by EE (the Orange – T-Mobile joint venture). Of course, you’ll be able to buy them elsewhere as well, but without LTE connectivity.

HTC will launch its 8X in the UK this week, too – on November 2, to be exact. The HTC 8S should arrive shortly after that, and so should Samsung’s Ativ S.

As reported yesterday, all Windows Phone 8 handsets will be also available in the US starting November.

Author: Florin

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  • DisaapointedNokiaFan

    It appears Microsoft piddling away time squashing bugs plaguing phone maker testers will cost them many holiday sales. Nokia has lost precious weeks for ramping up production. Early preorders sold out instantly at Best Buy here in America and delivery hasn’t even been announced yet but likely wont be for at least 2 weeks, maybe more. So with about a month to go before Christmas we might see the 920 hit store shelves.

    I expect the 1st wave to fly off shelves leaving customers with the choice of putting a backorder slip under their Christmas tree or buying something else.

    When will Microsoft stop shooting themselves in the foot?

  • Staska

    Why do you blame Microsoft for “ramping up” stuff? Since when does flashing a device with a new version of firmware is an obstacle to manufacture and stock up enough devices to satisfy the demand.

    The whole “ramping up” thing is simply Nokia’s excuse. Either for inability to produce enough of devices, even they’ve now been more than a year at it. Which means they were sloppy there,

    Or, and more likely, low carrier demand which they try to hide under the spin of “ramp up” and exclusive deals.

  • DisappointedNokiaFan

    When Windows 8 announced products were immediately available with it installed. Windows Phone 8? Not so much.

    It is obvious a final build of Windiws Phone 8 wasn’t available to manufacturers until the last minute. There have been rumors of HTC in particular having major issues with bugs during testing. Nokia has snatched demo units from reporters hands if they wander much past the start screen.

    You can’t make a phone without an OS.

    So Best Buy here slipped up by offering 920 preorders on the 21st as planned before the delays then took the crazy step of pulling the links. Promises of quick delivery changed to a fuzzy number of weeks into the future.

    AT&T, the exclusive 920 carrier here, still can’t provide a date it’ll be in stores.

    I sincerely doubt a near bankrupt Nokia is dragging their feet. They want the 920 out as fast as they can build it.