Samsung Galaxy Note II: 3 million sold in 37 days

Samsung has already sold more than 3 million Galaxy Note II phablets, just 37 days after the device was released. This represents an incredible achievement for something that’s being viewed as a niche device – some niche that is!

May of us laughed at Samsung for even launching the original Galaxy Note, a strange middle of the road device sitting in between phones and tablets. But it managed to sell quite a few of those, and the successor’s sales are “growing three times faster” than the original’s.

Just for some perspective, Samsung managed to sell 2 million Galaxy Notes in four months – and that was impressive in its own right. The Galaxy Note II managed to reach 3 million sales faster than the Galaxy S II – last year’s flagship – which needed 55 days to arrive at this sales level.

So while Samsung may never sell 5 million Galaxy Notes in a weekend (after all, it’s no iPhone 5), 3 million in just over a month is something that should be commended. And will probably constitute yet another reason why other Android smartphone makers will have trouble to catch up to Samsung’s sales numbers for a pretty long time.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    …”after all, it’s no iPhone 5″… THANKS GOD!!… REALLY THANKS! =S