7 inch Microsoft Xbox Surface gaming tablet coming next year?

After releasing the 10.6 inch Surface tablet in select markets around the world, now Microsoft is reportedly getting ready to introduce a 7 inch tablet, too.

According to The Verge, this 7 inch Microsoft tablet is called Xbox Surface – and, as its name suggests, it will be a gaming tablet. It’s said that the Xbox Surface features a “custom ARM processor” of unknown frequency, and “high-bandwidth RAM designed specifically for gaming tasks.” Or it could ditch the ARM core for a new and unannounced Intel processor. In any case, it should run a custom Windows kernel. Other details – like the screen resolution, or the internal storage space – are currently missing.

The Xbox Surface tablet should be introduced by Microsoft ahead of the next-generation Xbox console, which will be out in early 2014 the latest. So we’ll most likely see it in 2013.

Author: Florin

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