Nokia Lumia 830 gets leaked as the successor to the Lumia 710

Nokia apparently has yet another Windows Phone in the pipeline. The Lumia 830 will confusingly be a lower-end model than the Lumia 820, believe it or not.

So the Lumia 920 is obviously the successor to the 900. But the 820 is the new 800, which makes the 830 the sequel to the ‘midrange’ 710 from yesteryear.

If you haven’t gotten dizzy by reading all of the above, here’s what the Lumia 830 should look like:

It will come in five colors, and will run Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately no information about its insides has been leaked yet. Though we do expect that to start making its way to the blogosphere pretty soon. Also, we have no idea when this will be on the market, or where it will be sold. So stay tuned.

Via dospy Via WPDang

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  •ágyi/100001770630008 Atty Halmágyi

    All of the Nokia phones looks almost the same!

  • Balint

    it is not probleme, because it is the BEST cell phone design ever.