Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X will be available at Rogers on November 12

Microsoft’s Canadian arm has announced, via Facebook, that Rogers will start selling both the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X on November 12 – so this coming Monday.

Rogers has already shipped some Lumia 920 units out to people who had pre-reserved them, but November 12 will represent the date when general availability of Nokia’s new flagship will start at the Canadian carrier.

Since Bell is releasing the HTC 8X on November 15, it looks like Rogers will have a three-day exclusive on that device.

To get a Lumia 920 from Rogers, you’ll need to part with $99.99 and sign a three-year contract. Alternatively, you could pay the full price of $549.99. The HTC 8X hasn’t been priced by Rogers just yet.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • foodbutapple

    Is it unlocked if I buy it full price from rogers?

  • harley meekins

    Hope so…. Americans are getting it for $449.00 .. for the extra $100.00, it better be unlocked.

  • Yen Lee

    Unfortunately it wont be unlocked, just commitment free :( sounds like Roger’s will be unlocked.

  • JimC

    The Rogers ad above is showing a red Lumia 920. I thought that Rogers was only offering it in black. Anybody know what gives?

  • Camila

    Rogers is only offer Lumia 920 in BLACK! This is ridiculous!

  • calaceansh

    I was on the guys that had pre-ordered the phone a month ago and Rogers failed to deliver yet. This is a lie that “Rogers has already shipped some Lumia 920 units out to people who had pre-reserved them”. Shame Rogers !!!!

  • JACrazy

    That was only for the prerelease

  • JACrazy

    Will Rogers give you a free wireless charger like AT&T?