Pre-ordered 4G LTE iPad Mini and iPad 4 models may start shipping around November 20

Back when it announced the iPad Mini and iPad 4, Apple didn’t say when exactly the 4G LTE-enabled versions of these tablets would start shipping. And while the Wi-Fi-only variants are already on the market, that’s still not the case for the ones that come with mobile data connectivity.

However, it might not be long before they start shipping. Mac Rumors reports that several of its readers have received shipping notices from Apple. The earliest shipping date for a 4G iPad Mini or iPad 4 seems to be November 20. That said, some people got November 21 as the date when they should be expecting their brand new tablets, others got November 23.

It certainly seems that Apple will do its best to ship pre-orders on Thanksgiving week, making its new tablets into cool presents for that occasion.

In-store sales of the 4G tablets may start on November 16 at AT&T, one source claims (but this is unverified, mind you). That doesn’t make much sense, since Apple usually makes pre-ordered items ship around the date of in-store availability. But anything can change, so let’s wait and see.

The iPad Mini and iPad 4 with mobile data are launching in the USA first. They will then be rolled out across the world later.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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